Designed by Emma

these are Emma = (Petra) and Lisa, we turn our visions into art.

In everything we create by hand, we put in 1000% pure love and passion, because honestly, what would be the world without creativity and people, like us that do everything they do passionated?  - just dreary!


When we move through nature, it is like our souls are on vacation. Especially the forest is special to us, it´s full of mystique and magic with elves, fairies and dwarves dancing under mushrooms.

This mysticism and the spirit of nature dwells in our mushrooms and all other creations and is deeply inside their soul. Each of these mushrooms is a unique personality with a message and the mission to spread a bit more luck, love and happiness out in the world.


Now we want to offer you a little break, in our online shop and touch  your heart with our creations to make them a piece of your home in a very special place.



Yours, Emma and Lisa